It’s Useless to Hang On Manga

It’s Useless to Hang On
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    It's No Use Hanging On, There's No Use in Hanging On, 매달려도 소용없어

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    Drama - Fantasy - Historical - Romance

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Read manhwa It’s Useless to Hang On / It’s No Use Hanging On / There’s No Use in Hanging On / 매달려도 소용없어
The love of my life, Rakan, became the Emperor. At last, the coronation ceremony; I stood by him expecting to become Empress. However, the crown of empress didn’t become mine, it became Vienna’s, my younger cousin.
I threw everything away to make Rakan the emperor, and all that’s left for me ahead was death. It wasn’t until I was abandoned that I realized he used me. Everything was a ruse. The carefully planned screenplay; its main characters being the love of my life, Rakan, and my cousin, Vienna. I was the only one who didn’t know that. In my last moments, I made a promise. If I had another chance, I wouldn’t love you again, even if I died.
I’ve miraculously returned to the past! To when I was 18, the day all the disharmony began.
I made up my mind in tears. This time, I’m going to give everything I’ve got to destroy you, Rakan. In my vow of revenge, I began to see something I had never noticed before. My fiancé, Paylon, has always looked my way.
“Please be on my side. I don’t need love.”
I’m not going to let you hang on to me this time!

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