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Hino-San No Baka
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    Hino-san is a Dummy ; Hino, You Dummy! ; Дурочка Хино-сан ; 飛野さんのバカ ; 飞野同学是笨蛋 ; Fēiyě tóngxué shì bèndàn ; 飛野同學是笨蛋

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    Tarou Kinniku

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  • Genre(s)

    Comedy - School life - Shoujo ai - Slice of life

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Class president and overall good girl Koguma is concerned that her classmate Hino often skips classes by spending her time behind one of the school buildings. Koguma feels it's her duty to guide Hino down a better path, even if it means going along with Hino's unusual requests.

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