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Divorce Me, Husband!
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    Ihonhaejuseyo, Nampyeonnim!, 이혼해주세요, 남편님!

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    Historical - Romance

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He was possessed by a supporting actor who was swept to death by treason committed by his husband.
She’s trying to get a divorce from her husband Claude to survive. Why is this guy so obsessed with me?!
“We’re getting divorced, Claude.”
“Aila, I’m not going to let you go, I’m not going to let you go.”
“Use as much money as you like. Just stay with me, Ayla.”
I don’t need it all, and I want to live before I get involved in treason!
So please…Divorce, please, husband.
Ihonhaejuseyo, Nampyeonnim!,
이혼해주세요, 남편님!

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